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23 March 2006 @ 06:06 pm
Belated apology to sex workers  
In my last entry (some time ago) I expressed vitriolic self-hatred over having discussed my disability/deformity against my better judgment in an attempt to generate interest for my book, "Phyllida and the Brotherhood of Philander : a bisexual Regency romance." I compared myself, in scathing metaphorical language, to the most degraded kind of prostitute.

Since then, perhaps by coincidence, I have learned that three people I know are in some way involved with outreach to sex workers, or are involved with organizations that support sex workers.

I feel that an apology on my side is on order, and long overdue.

I had absolutely no intention whatsoever of denigrating prostitutes or any other sex workers. I think sex workers provide an essential service that will always be needed until fundamental (male) human nature changes. The civilized thing to do is to ensure safe working conditions, starting with legalization and unionization.

My comparison reflected my feeling that any act of trading something intimate and personal (sex, or discussing something very private and uncomfortable) for gain can seem like defilement the first time around--especially if done for the wrong reason or without understanding the terms of the transaction.

I have needed some time to think over my reasons for the extreme reaction this interview set off in me. It's a little more complicated than just the fact that I talked about something "uncomfortable." Once I get it sorted out (and am a little less busy) I will put together my next LJ entry. In the meantime, I hate to think that sex workers everywhere are yet another constituency I may have offended. My sincere apologies, both for the words themselves and for taking so long to realize my fault.

My next entry, in process, will discuss more about the ethics of selling the author instead of or in addition to selling the book. I will also need to delve into the distinction between a disability and a deformity (mine is both), and how the disability is a pain in the ass but the deformity is what really fucks up one's self-image.

My one "friend" here in LJ has been subjected to this ad nauseum through private e-mail, so I apologize in advance to her for the repetition that will be coming. But I do need to put it all on record here, for my own documentation of my development as a "writer" and my thought processes along the way. In the event that I make new friends, I want the whole thing to be here, at least until it becomes irrelevant to me.
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