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12 May 2009 @ 01:35 am
Article on Princeton conference  
This is another one of those "lazy" blog posts, where I'm going to let someone else do the talking. But this is in a good cause. Hillary Rettig, "The Lifelong Activist," attended the recent conference at Princeton, "Love as the Practice of Freedom? : Romance Fiction and American Culture." Now her article is up on The Huffington Post, and it really captures the essence of the presentations, showing how romance fiction is feminist, LGBT friendly and empowering to its authors and its readers


I don't know how long these articles stay up online, so please check it out while you can.

Here are a few photos of the presentations:


I'm the fifth one down, a miraculous candid photo of me that doesn't look like Jerry Lewis doing a fart joke.

Sarah Frantz, romance scholar extraordinaire, is the lady in red, ninth photo down, bracketed by Beverly Jenkins above and Guy Mark Foster below.

Eric M. Selinger, co-organizer of the conference, is at the center in the second photo (the five people seated at the table), while Pamela Regis, author of A Natural History of the Romance Novel, is on the far right. (Only in a photo caption would the words "far right" and "Pamela Regis" belong together.)