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01 June 2006 @ 12:53 pm
Phyllida now sold at Bluestockings  
For those of you who don't like to buy online, my book, Phyllida and the Brotherhood of Philander: a bisexual Regency romance, is now available at an actual store in New York City:

172 Allen St. (between Stanton and Rivington sts.)
Phone: 212-777-6028
Price: $19.95.

Anybody who lives in or near NYC, or is visiting, check it out. Bluestockings is an activist center and a café as well as a bookstore. Something interesting is always going on there.

To get to Bluestockings by subway: take the F train to the 2nd Ave. stop and exit from the 1st Ave. end of the platform. There's an exit directly onto Allen Street. Walk down one block.
2nd Ave. is also the last stop on the downtown V train.
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ann_amalie: HarperCollins Coverann_amalie on April 22nd, 2008 05:44 am (UTC)
The value of online social networking
I couldn't believe it when I first read this comment. Dave Eggers wrote to me, Ann Herendeen! It seemed like his style, based on the title of his most recent book, What is the What.

Or maybe it was Jonathan Safran Foer! His first book, Everything is Illuminated, has a character, a Ukrainian translator, who relies on a thesaurus and speaks an unusual form of English. How clever of Foer to write to me in his own idiom.

But why would these brilliant authors of acclaimed literary fiction write to me, an unknown, first-time published author of a bisexual historical romantic comedy? Then it hit me--MySpace!

You see, even though I posted the original entry in this thread some time ago, it was only after I updated my MySpace page that I received this insightful comment. I was just going to ignore MySpace, let it die of neglect. I didn't get many comments from it that interested me as a writer.

But everyone knows you have to have a MySpace page. And when the new edition of my novel, Phyllida and the Brotherhood of Philander, came out, it had the old MySpace address printed on the back cover. The writing was on the wall, or at least on the book.

Now I see the light. Everything IS illuminated. Although Dave Eggers and Jonathan Safran Foer probably aren't sending me messages, it's possible that I have an even more illustrious correspondent.

Yes, I may be the first Earthling to receive definitive proof that there is intelligent life out there in the universe. SETI, the ongoing Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, has at last made contact.

We on Earth welcome you. I take delight to conceive of with BBcode.