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08 June 2006 @ 05:29 pm
Guest blogging on romance-novel blog, Thursday, June 22  
I was the guest blogger on Michelle Buonfiglio's terrific romance-novel blog, "Romance: By the Blog," on Thursday, June 22.

I started with a post on the topic: Why a bisexual hero?
As the author of Phyllida and the Brotherhood of Philander: A Bisexual Regency Romance" I consider myself qualified to answer this question. (Quick answer: hot hot hot!)

It was an informative, funny and thought-provoking conversation. Between intrigued bloggers and my replies, this guest blog logged a total of 59 comments. Here's the link to see the complete discussion:


"Romance: By the Blog" is the companion blog to Michelle's nationally-syndicated romance novel review column, "Romance: B(u)y the Book"

She's the expert on all types of romance, so I feel very honored to have been given this guest blog check-in.

I'm hoping this guest blog introduced romance readers to a sexy, laugh-out-loud funny story with a super-hot hero, a sympathetic heroine and an unusual romantic resolution.

And now I have fans clamoring for a sequel! How great is that!
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