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03 March 2012 @ 09:31 pm
Lady Amalie's memoirs free or discounted on Smashwords  
My six Eclipsis e-books (Lady Amalie's memoirs) are free or discounted on Smashwords for the week beginning Sunday, March 4.


Here are the coupon codes:

Recognition: a novella (free): AK45Y
Choices (free): ZN28W
Wedding: $1.12 (25% off): UT79Y
Birth: a novella (free): JX46S
Captivity: $1.12 (25% off): QR58D
Retribution: $1.12 (25% off): TC94C

It's not as if these e-books are expensive to begin with. But this promotion is a fun way for people to check out this series without paying anything. I've made the first two installments free (Recognition, a novella, and Choices). The other three novels: Wedding, Captivity and Retribution, are 25% off; and the fourth story, Birth, a novella, is free, as its regular price is already as low as it can go.