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15 October 2012 @ 01:30 pm
Book Was There, by Andrew Piper  
I want to share a couple of wonderful quotations from this book. And they're too long to fit on Twitter.

Every day someone somewhere says that the end of the book is nigh ... We take little notice that we have said all this before. Four hundred years ago in Spain people read too many romances (Don Quixote), three hundred years ago in London too many people wrote crap (Grub Street), two hundred years ago in Germany reading had turned into a madness (the so-called Lesewut), and one hundred years ago there was the telephone. We have worried that one day there would be more authors than readers (in 1788), that self-publishing would save, and then kill, reading (in 1773), and that no one would have time to read books anymore (in 1855). (p. x-xi)

New research continues to emphasize the importance of mind wandering for learning. It turns out that not paying attention is one of the best ways of discovering new ideas. (p. 22)

Published by University of Chicago Press, 2012.