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27 May 2014 @ 12:04 pm
My tweets  
  • Tue, 02:51: Later that morning Rupert was still brooding. "You know I'm bisexual, right?" #AtSecondGlance
  • Tue, 02:52: "I just thought it's what you told the 'rents so they'd leave us alone," Anthony said. #AtSecondGlance
  • Tue, 02:53: (Mythical kingdoms tend to have a time lag when it comes to slang.) "You don't give them enough credit. My dad's bi too. #AtSecondGlance
  • Tue, 02:57: He and the Royal Gamekeeper are always going off on these private 'hunting trips.' And Mom--she's had 'things' with #AtSecondGlance
  • Tue, 03:00: her ladies-in-waiting as far back as I can remember." "TMI," Anthony said. "So, when do I meet the little wife?" #AtSecondGlance