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09 June 2014 @ 12:05 pm
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  • Mon, 04:17: In the morning, as she was serving breakfast, Emily said, "I still don't see why I can't go to civics class." "Because I'll #AtSecondGlance
  • Mon, 04:18: tell," Sylvia said. "I'll tell everyone what you are." She glared at her step sibling, with her shining beauty that #AtSecondGlance
  • Mon, 04:19: filthy rags and kitchen chores could not extinguish, and was consumed with jealousy that she was Adrienne's friend and #AtSecondGlance
  • Mon, 04:20: not hers. "Unless…" And that's how Emily ended up sleeping with both her stepsisters. Not at the same time, of course. #AtSecondGlance
  • Mon, 04:21: Unlike Adrienne, who enjoyed taking turns, Sylvia made Emily do all the work. Still, it was an education. #AtSecondGlance