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10 June 2014 @ 12:05 pm
My tweets  
  • Mon, 23:27: Anthony had a problem. He had tried to be cool after learning about the "civics classes," but the idea bothered him. #AtSecondGlance
  • Mon, 23:27: Not so much that Rupert had been having regular hetero sessions every week for years without telling him-- #AtSecondGlance
  • Mon, 23:28: not that that was so heartwarming either--but that he enjoyed it. "I thought," he would say, and always swallowed the rest #AtSecondGlance
  • Mon, 23:29: of the sentence. For days, Anthony caught himself on the verge of saying to Rupert, "I thought you loved me," and for days #AtSecondGlance
  • Mon, 23:31: he stopped after two words. "What?" Rupert demanded, as they sat side by side at another of those interminable state dinners.#AtSecondGlance
  • Mon, 23:32: "What did you think? For God's sake, honey, just say it!" "I thought-- I thought--" Anthony took a deep breath. "I thought,#At Second Glance