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15 June 2014 @ 12:05 pm
My tweets  
  • Sat, 17:59: A big Thank You to Santanu Mishra for the Like.
  • Sat, 18:19: why don't we get married, you and me, and--" Rupert laughed. The tension left his face and he let the air out of his lungs #AtSecondGlance
  • Sat, 18:21: as if he'd been holding his breath for a week. "I thought you'd never ask." He banged his fist on the table until #AtSecondGlance
  • Sat, 18:22: people stopped talking (It was a mythical kingdom but not entirely civilized) and said, "I have an announcement." #AtSecondGlance
  • Sat, 18:23: At his father's nod, Rupert stood up, pulled Anthony to stand beside him, raised their clasped hands over their heads, #AtSecondGlance
  • Sat, 18:24: and said, "Anthony Edouard Francis Mallon, Marquess of Westwood, Viscount D'Aubigny, Baron Rezniak, son and heir of our #AtSecondGlance
  • Sat, 18:25: esteemed Chancellor" (The kingdom had one of those too) "Lothar, Duke of Langdale, Earl of--" Anthony nudged Rupert with his #AtSecondGlance
  • Sat, 18:26: hip. "Get on with it." Rupert nudged Anthony back, cleared his throat, and said in his parade-ground voice, the one he used #AtSecondGlance
  • Sat, 18:27: when commanding the Household Cavalry, "Lord Westwood has made me an honorable proposal of marriage, and I have accepted." #AtSecondGlance