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02 August 2014 @ 12:04 pm
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  • Sat, 02:39: Emily's stepsisters regaled her with their bad luck as she prepared supper. "That fianc� thinks he's God's gift but he can't #AtSecondGlance
  • Sat, 02:39: even get it up," Sylvia said. "And we can't put our names down again," Adrienne said. "They're giving priority to girls who #AtSecondGlance
  • Sat, 02:40: haven't been before." "Maybe I could go," Emily said in a small voice. "Yeah, you'd go right to the top of the list," Sylvia #AtSecondGlance
  • Sat, 02:41: said. "The D list." "Why shouldn't Emily try?" Adrienne said. "It's not like it's Prince Charming." "Maybe he's nice, the #AtSecondGlance
  • Sat, 02:42: fianc�," Emily said. "Maybe he's shooting blanks, Prince Charming," Sylvia said. #AtSecondGlance