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09 May 2007 @ 05:47 pm
MM romance rejected by RWA conference hotel  
Here's a disturbing story that was posted on the blog Daily Kos:

Lauren Baumbach, an award-winning writer of MM romance novels and a member of the Romance Writers of America (which accepts MM romance as a category, although their magazine, Romantic Times, doesn't review it), had her promotional materials confiscated by the Hyatt hotel where the RWA was holding its conference. The management claimed that Baumbach's material was too explicit, although she collected material from several of the featured MF romances that was far more explicit.

If MM romance is considered so risque, imagine how brilliantly cutting-edge I feel, writing bisexual romance! Of course, MM romance is "risque" only to backwards-thinking organizations like RWA and their publication, Romantic Times. Or is that ass-backwards...

To read the full account:
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